Comparing Your Child to Other Kids?

Ever go to a party and see other children, then get mad that your child seems like they’re so behind? It doesn’t stop there, right? Then you start thinking about the next decade or two, projecting more difficulty into the future. And then depression sets in – anger, despair, exhaustion, frustration right? Let me share […]


All About Stimming

Topics we’ll cover: What Does Stimming Mean? What does it mean when an autistic child is stimming? Stimming is a great way to connect with your child. Sometimes it can be frustrating or even embarrassing. Stimming is behavior. Think of it as communication. Stimming is a shortened way of saying Self-Stimulatory Behavior. Many times what […]

Underestimated Book on Autism

Underestimated – An Autism Miracle – BookClub

“Presuming confidence of all non-speakers, which basically means assume every non-speaker with autism is every bit as normal and smart as any other kid and to treat them accordingly.” Underestimated by J. B. Hanley and Jameson Hanley Let’s get into this book. This book is about a father and his son who has autism. And […]

autism book - carlys voice

Carly’s Voice: Breaking Through Autism – Dr. Lyons Book Club

This month’s book club is: Carly’s Voice: Breaking Through Autism -Arthur Fleischmann, Carly Fleischmann Welcome to our Book Club!  Thank you for voting on this month’s book.  If you’d like to vote for next month’s book, please join my email list here.  “Carly’s voice makes it very clear that a non-verbal person with autism has […]


Diuretic Drug Bumetanide Shows Promising Results for Autism!

There was an Open-Label clinical trial in Sweden that explored the use of Diuretic drug in treating the core symptoms of autism. There were clinical trials in France that showed promising results. Let me teach you the science. Let’s get into understanding a Diuretic drug and autism in a clinical trial setting. Bumetanide is a […]

Glyphosate Research

Is Autism Caused By Glyphosate? [Recent Research]

What is the cause of autism? It’s a question a lot of people ask – what is the real actual initial trigger. There’s a lot of debate about that. And a really great research paper came out in 2020 that studied the effect of glyphosate on the offspring of mice who were exposed to glyphosate. […]


Autism in Teenagers

Has your little baby changed haha !?! Autism in teenagers can be rough or it can be beautiful. Let me explain. Sometimes an autism diagnosis is made when a child is older. This might be because the symptoms were subtle when the child was younger, but now certain things are more pronounced. Typically, it’s the […]

Positive Parenting for Autism – BookClub

There’s a lot of useful information in here, and I certainly recommend this book. So let’s get into this book… This month’s book club is: Positive Parenting for Autism -Victoria Boone MA BCBA First, let me say you are a wonderful parent for even wanting to know more about this topic. It might not feel […]


Scared to Dream Big for Your Autistic Child?

Do you want your child to get better, but it scares you to even want that? It’s likely that not much with your child has gone as planned, right? Kind of not going well. So what’s the point in trying to dream? Because things don’t work out well anyway? I don’t get what I expect. […]

Secrets To Communicating With Your Child With Autism

Secrets To Communication With Your Child With Autism – BookClub

Think about it when it’s hard to verbalize, what else is your choice to communicate? Behaviors! So let’s get into this book… This month’s book club is: Secrets To Communicating With Your Child With Autism -Maria E.R Schafer, and James Schafer Great title. My favorite part of the book is how the subtitle is “Your […]