Innovations in Autism Care: MAPS Conference Highlights

This post is going to be very different. I’m actually on location. I’m in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I’m at the MAPS conference, 2024. MAPS is the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs.  Why is MAPS important? You may be wondering, why is this conference a big deal. Why would I actually travel to this? […]


Persistence of Autism – Oct’23 Research on children losing ASD diagnosis

Topics we’ll cover: The new October 2023 study The latest autism research study found that 37% of children with autism lost their diagnosis! Wow! That’s profound, right? Let’s learn the science in this study.  Losing the autism diagnosis is a controversial topic. Please note, that I am not expressing any opinions here. I’m guiding you […]


All About Spelling to Communicate

Topics we’ll cover: Spelling to Communicate – New Research What does this card in the video below symbolize? Freedom!! Looks like a simple piece of paper right? It is so much more. This is what is used by people who communicate through something called spelling to communicate but many times it’s abbreviated as S2C. A […]


Oregano – Herbal Remedy for Autism?

Does your child with autism laugh for no reason at all? Do they have these large mood swings? Happy one minute, anger or rage the next? Do they not handle transitions very well? Then you might have heard about Oregano as a possible solution. Oregano is an herbal remedy. Does it work? What does it […]

Autism: What Is L. Plantarum?

Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1  is a particular strain of Lactobacillus plantarum, and it is one of the best-studied Lactobacilli. Its genome was reported in 2003 and currently, only 30% of gene function is unknown. Whereas I’m sure everybody’s heard of L. acidophilus NCFM2 and L. rhamnosus GG3 – those two bacteria, the genomes were only reported in 2005 and 2009 […]

Autism: Is Aggressive Behavior A Symptom Of Gastrointestinal Pain?

Up to 91% of those with autism also have gastrointestinal disorders as a comorbidity with autism. If you want an optimal outcome for your child, be sure to address any GI problems they have.  Now, the problem with GI disorders is that those with autism use behavior to communicate their GI symptoms, which is very different […]


Does Creatine help in Autism

Does your child have low muscle tone or language delay or do they walk on their toes? Does it seem like their body just doesn’t have enough energy? Creatine might be an important amino acid for you to know about! There have been cases in the literature where the child’s autism symptoms are actually caused […]

Microglia, Microbiota, & Autism

Does your child have gut dysbiosis? Has improving their gut improved other symptoms as well? Is there some science to back that? Welcome to my video series on microglia. In this post, we will explore the microbiota and microglia. There is now compelling scientific data suggesting that the intestinal microbiota can play a causative role […]

Microglia, Learning, Memory & Autism

Does your child have learning issues? Do they seem to forget things that they knew well one day? Are you concerned about their brain health? Understanding the microglia which are brain cells will help you answer those questions. Welcome to my series on microglia. I’ll teach you what microglia are, what they do, and how […]