Does My Child With Autism Need Carnitine?

Hi, Dr. Theresa Lyons here, creator of navigating autism and ETL, autism. And today’s ask doctor line’s question is about healing autism through healing co-morbidities. And today we’re looking specifically at metabolic disorders, and the one we’re looking at is carnitine deficiency. So if your child has low muscle tone, muscle weakness, fatigue.  [00:00:26] If they’ve had any […]

Can My Child With Autism Also Have An Immune Disorder?

Hi, Dr. Theresa Lyons here, creative navigating autism and eat to heal autism. And this week’s ask dr Lyon’s question is, does my child with autism also have an immune disorder? There are poor immune disorders that can commonly be comorbid with autism. So if you want to heal autism, really need to make sure you understand all of […]

6 Ways To Make Sure Your Child With Autism Feels Loved

In life, moments of deep pain show us who we are.  I would love to protect my daughter from everything and make sure that she never experiences pain, but that would be limiting her life and ability to grow as a person.  To quote the Bible ‘When He has tested me I shall come forth […]


Perseveration in Autism

Does your child ever get caught in a loop? Do they continue something past the point where it seems acceptable? Then it might be that your child with autism is perseverating.  What is perseveration in autism?  Perseveration is the uncontrolled repetition or continuation of something in the absence of any reason for those thoughts or […]


Autism Meltdown – The Complete Guide

Topics we’ll cover: What is an Autistic Meltdown What is an autistic meltdown? Short answer, overload of so many possible things. Let me explain. Meltdowns are not temper tantrums. Meltdowns are similar to the fight response. There is a hardwired biological response. Many times there’s an underlying health issue that can make someone more susceptible […]

Spelling to Communicate: Case Studies

Has your child done things that are brilliant? That shows high levels of intelligence but then doesn’t do it again? Deep in your heart do you believe your child is intelligent? Listen to a mom describe her journey with her autistic son. No one thought he was intelligent…sometimes not even the mom…but he was and […]


Occupational Therapy Not Working?

Occupational therapy for autism? Is it not working for your child?  Occupational therapy is many times prescribed for those with autism. It’s commonly abbreviated OT.  Many times in school, a child might go to OT, typically a maximum of three times a week although it really all depends on their needs. You can also get […]


Does NeuroProtek help in Autism? Published Research Reveals

Buying a lot of supplements? Are they worth the time and effort? Do they do anything? Yes! And they need to be the right ones at the right time.  Can supplements for the brain actually work? Is there any scientific evidence? Let’s explore a supplement that supposedly targets brain inflammation. Brain inflammation is a legitimate […]

difference between autism and social anxiety

What’s the difference between autism and social anxiety?

There is a difference between autism and social anxiety, however, someone can have both autism and anxiety. Let me explain. First, let’s understand what anxiety is… Anxiety Anxiety refers to the brain’s response to danger. Basically, that’s a stimulus that a person will actively attempt to avoid. This brain response is a basic emotion already […]

differences between autism and aspergers

What’s the difference between Autism and Asperger’s?

There’s a bit of history and the answer to the question has actually changed over time. Let’s get into it. Asperger’s Syndrome was first described in the 1940s by and named after a pediatrician, Hans Asperger. He observed autism-like behaviors and difficulties with social and communication skills, mainly in boys who had at least average […]