Oxytocin Exposure Leads to Increased Risk of Autism – New Research

Did you have oxytocin during your birth? Oxytocin exposure during labor has been associated with an increased risk of autism and cognitive impairment. There’s not a direct causation link, but there is an association. Scientists are trying to determine if receiving external oxytocin may act as an early indicator of abnormal development in infants and […]


Link Between Autism and Immune System

The immune system and autism. Is there a connection? Scientists have found an association of several molecules in serum and cerebral spinal fluid with autism that are associated with immune-related signaling pathways. Why is cerebrospinal fluid important? Well, cerebrospinal fluid is a liquid found in the brain and the spine, which is the central nervous […]


Can children with autism be taught to read?

Yes, even if speaking is an issue, your child can still learn to read! Let me go over the basic steps in learning to read. Pre-Reading Skills You have pre-reading skills and that’s awareness of print words. Most children with autism have this in great strength. This is when your child knows what brand of […]


All About Stimming

What Does Stimming Mean? What does it mean when an autistic child is stimming? Stimming is a great way to connect with your child. Sometimes it can be frustrating or even embarrassing. Stimming is behavior. Think of it as communication. Stimming is a shortened way of saying Self-Stimulatory Behavior. Many times what it means is […]


Autism in Teenagers

Has your little baby changed haha !?! Autism in teenagers can be rough or it can be beautiful. Let me explain. Sometimes an autism diagnosis is made when a child is older. This might be because the symptoms were subtle when the child was younger, but now certain things are more pronounced. Typically, it’s the […]


Differences between Autism & Down Syndrome

What’s the difference between Autism and Down syndrome. Can it be both? There is certainly a difference and it’s important to know. Let me explain. Autism Autism occurs in one out of 59 children in the US. Core deficits in autism are identified in two domains. The first is social communication interaction. What does that […]

Autism gets worse with age

Does Autism Get Worse With Age?

I get asked a lot. “Does autism get worse with age?” Sounds like a simple question, but it’s a complex answer. First, the life expectancy of those diagnosed with autism in the US is 36 years old. The typical life expectancy in the US is 72. So this decrease in life is very concerning. But […]

Autism Inspiration - Letting Go

A fun way of letting go of regret

How do you let go of the sadness that your child didn’t have this wonderful childhood experience that you were expecting, and how do you let go of all those feelings around not being the parent that you were dreaming of, the experience that you were expecting? And that’s what this blog post is all […]

Why can’t healing autism be predictable?

In the beginning of healing autism, I wanted it to be linear, straight, easy and done quickly.  I had no patience, no appreciation for what we were going through.  I wasn’t enjoying life, so I wanted this part to be over as quick as possible.  Unfortunately, that did not make things go faster—me wanting things […]

Autism spectrum confused

What haven’t I learned yet?

The question I got from a few parents in response to my email last week about my Mom Life bumper sticker was “What am I doing wrong?” Firstly, let me thank you for your honesty and willingness to learn. It’s not easy to admit when we feel like we are failing at something. And when […]