Start working on Autism

You’ve got to start somewhere

You have to start somewhere, and I know that can seem frustrating. You’re a great parent. You just want to start and somehow know the right answer before you start. Unfortunately, there’s very few things in life that are like that. You have to start somewhere. Goodness, the amount of information that’s out there is […]


Life with autism

Life with autism can suck and life with autism can be wonderful life is what you make of it. From the parent’s perspective, life with autism can suck. You can dread the weekends, you can dread snow days, you can even dread the entire summer. Many times the reason why (from the parent’s perspective) life […]


Shifting a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset

I’ve got a really fun game to talk about. This game is for ages eight and up, but I actually typically recommend it to parents that they play themselves when they’re starting to struggle with what they think is possible for their child. This game is actually a fun way to explore how someone thinks […]


Comparing Your Child to Other Kids?

Ever go to a party and see other children, then get mad that your child seems like they’re so behind? It doesn’t stop there, right? Then you start thinking about the next decade or two, projecting more difficulty into the future. And then depression sets in – anger, despair, exhaustion, frustration right? Let me share […]


Autism in Teenagers

Has your little baby changed haha !?! Autism in teenagers can be rough or it can be beautiful. Let me explain. Sometimes an autism diagnosis is made when a child is older. This might be because the symptoms were subtle when the child was younger, but now certain things are more pronounced. Typically, it’s the […]


Scared to Dream Big for Your Autistic Child?

Do you want your child to get better, but it scares you to even want that? It’s likely that not much with your child has gone as planned, right? Kind of not going well. So what’s the point in trying to dream? Because things don’t work out well anyway? I don’t get what I expect. […]


What to do when your child stops taking their supplements?

That’s frustrating, right? You did all kinds of work to figure out the supplements and then you bought them and your child stops taking them. All right. Let’s sort that out, because believe it or not, I love when this happens. Why do I love it when kids stop taking their supplements? Because they’re communicating […]

Autism gets worse with age

Does Autism Get Worse With Age?

I get asked a lot. “Does autism get worse with age?” Sounds like a simple question, but it’s a complex answer. First, the life expectancy of those diagnosed with autism in the US is 36 years old. The typical life expectancy in the US is 72. So this decrease in life is very concerning. But […]

Autism Inspiration - Letting Go

A fun way of letting go of regret

How do you let go of the sadness that your child didn’t have this wonderful childhood experience that you were expecting, and how do you let go of all those feelings around not being the parent that you were dreaming of, the experience that you were expecting? And that’s what this blog post is all […]