All About Spelling to Communicate

Topics we’ll cover: Spelling to Communicate – New Research What does this card in the video below symbolize? Freedom!! Looks like a simple piece of paper right? It is so much more. This is what is used by people who communicate through something called spelling to communicate but many times it’s abbreviated as S2C. A […]

Start working on Autism

You’ve got to start somewhere

You have to start somewhere, and I know that can seem frustrating. You’re a great parent. You just want to start and somehow know the right answer before you start. Unfortunately, there’s very few things in life that are like that. You have to start somewhere. Goodness, the amount of information that’s out there is […]


Life with autism

Life with autism can suck and life with autism can be wonderful life is what you make of it. From the parent’s perspective, life with autism can suck. You can dread the weekends, you can dread snow days, you can even dread the entire summer. Many times the reason why (from the parent’s perspective) life […]


How Can I Talk If My Lips Don’t Move? Inside My Autistic Mind

“How can I talk if my lips don’t move?” Let’s find out… This is a book written by someone with autism who does not speak. Tito, the author, was diagnosed as severely autistic, but his mother, Soma, was determined that he would overcome the problem by teaching him to read and write. And this is […]

Social Survival Guide for Teens – BookClub

The Social Survival Guide for teens. Let’s get into this. This book is a bit on the basic side, reading level-wise, that it could be read at 5th-grade level and up. If you give this to a teenager who is older and very intelligent and very good academically, they’re going to be bored by the […]


Shifting a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset

I’ve got a really fun game to talk about. This game is for ages eight and up, but I actually typically recommend it to parents that they play themselves when they’re starting to struggle with what they think is possible for their child. This game is actually a fun way to explore how someone thinks […]


Executive Functioning Activities – Book Club

Thank you for joining this month’s book club. And thank you to everyone on my email list who voted for what book they wanted me to go over. This month our book club is Executive Functioning Activities. What exactly is executive functioning? Think about your day, right? There’s a lot of stuff going on and […]

Autistic mind book - best parts

The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks: Letterboard Thoughts

“Never again would people think I was stupid or that I had the mind of a toddler.” Oh, man. Aren’t those words just beautiful? Don’t you believe that about your child? When everybody is saying “Oh, they can’t learn.” THEY CAN. Here, Let’s get some proof. The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks: Letterboard Thoughts -Gregory Tino- […]


Secrets of the Autistic Millionaire – Book Club

This month’s Book club is very interesting, it is called Secrets of the Autistic Millionaire This book is written by a person in their 50s. They were diagnosed with autism much later in life and when he was going through the different testing, he has a really good experience.And so he says “…the good news, […]