You’ve got to start somewhere

Start working on Autism

You have to start somewhere, and I know that can seem frustrating.

You’re a great parent.

You just want to start and somehow know the right answer before you start.

Unfortunately, there’s very few things in life that are like that.

You have to start somewhere. Goodness, the amount of information that’s out there is overwhelming!

It’s like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant. Not fun, right?

You have to start somewhere. Use the autism healing matrix as a guide. Here’s the link.

The Autism Healing Matrix is a graphic that shows the seven aspects to autism that need to be addressed. Go look at it. Here, I’ll list the seven aspects.

And when you read them, what jumps out to you as “Yes, yes. That’s where I want to begin. That’s where we’re going to have success!”

Wherever that is. Trust your intuition and start there.

  1. Special diets
  2. Health care team
  3. Supportive environment
  4. Supplements
  5. Educational approaches
  6. Probiotics and
  7. Celebrating success.

Start where your intuition tells you to.

You know your child best. Start getting some small wins.

Build that momentum and then you and everyone else around will start to believe that so much more is possible for your child. You have to start somewhere, though, and I understand you might be saying to yourself, I need the right tool.

I know where to start. I just need the right tools, so I can’t start yet. And I just don’t want to go willy-nilly.

And you’re right. Having the right tool, the right information, the right people around you makes a huge difference. You can have a pretty good overall idea as to what to do before getting started. But don’t be afraid to start, analyze the situation, and then refine your tool. You have to start somewhere, right.

For example, special diets. Your child’s diet has a huge influence on their behavior. We all know that. So let’s say you don’t know where to start, so you just swap out their bread for gluten free bread and their cookies for gluten free cookies, crackers for gluten free crackers. You get the idea, you’ll probably notice a difference.

And maybe it’s in one thing, right? Not everything! But maybe one thing got better. Maybe the rest is the same. You might have even gotten one or two things that got worse. That just tells you, ‘You don’t have the right tool yet.’

You’ll find the right tool and now you’ll know what tool to look for.

The whole thing is you’ve got to start somewhere...