Can Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) be Used to Detect Autism?

Scientists don’t have all the answers all the time. Our bodies are so complex that it’s a fallacy to think that we know how our bodies fully operate. We don’t. And when we have wrong information, we can make really bad decisions because we didn’t understand the entire situation. This is happening in the scientific […]


Can children with autism be taught to read?

Yes, even if speaking is an issue, your child can still learn to read! Let me go over the basic steps in learning to read. Pre-Reading Skills You have pre-reading skills and that’s awareness of print words. Most children with autism have this in great strength. This is when your child knows what brand of […]


Comparing Your Child to Other Kids?

Ever go to a party and see other children, then get mad that your child seems like they’re so behind? It doesn’t stop there, right? Then you start thinking about the next decade or two, projecting more difficulty into the future. And then depression sets in – anger, despair, exhaustion, frustration right? Let me share […]

The reason I Jump: Book by an amazing 13 yr old autistic

If you are a parent who wants to know what your child with autism might be thinking or if you’re someone with autism and you want your parents to know that you’re smart and you’re doing your best and kind of all those thoughts in your head that you haven’t been able to express, then […]


All About Spelling to Communicate

Topics we’ll cover: Spelling to Communicate – New Research What does this card in the video below symbolize? Freedom!! Looks like a simple piece of paper right? It is so much more. This is what is used by people who communicate through something called spelling to communicate but many times it’s abbreviated as S2C. A […]


Oregano – Herbal Remedy for Autism?

Does your child with autism laugh for no reason at all? Do they have these large mood swings? Happy one minute, anger or rage the next? Do they not handle transitions very well? Then you might have heard about Oregano as a possible solution. Oregano is an herbal remedy. Does it work? What does it […]


Autism and Your Teen – Book Review

Welcome to Book Club. This book is all about teenagers and autism. This is a very small book. It’s really kind of a guide. I think this book is great in the sense that it touches upon certain topics. But it’s not really going into depth in anything. If you’re starting to think about your […]


Activate Your Vagus Nerve – Book Review

Welcome to our book club. You voted on what book for me to read and summarize and this book [Activate Your Vagus Nerve: Unleash Your Body’s Natural Ability to Heal] got so many votes! In this section, I will go over what the vagus nerve is and discuss the physical observables. If someone has issues […]

Neuralli and Autism – Does it work?

We are talking about one of the most expensive probiotics on the market. It’s so expensive, I didn’t even buy it. So the question is Many times as parents, we feel the need to try everything to give our children the best opportunities in life. But is a $165-a-month probiotic worth it? What is Neuralli? […]

Autism: What Is L. Plantarum?

Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1  is a particular strain of Lactobacillus plantarum, and it is one of the best-studied Lactobacilli. Its genome was reported in 2003 and currently, only 30% of gene function is unknown. Whereas I’m sure everybody’s heard of L. acidophilus NCFM2 and L. rhamnosus GG3 – those two bacteria, the genomes were only reported in 2005 and 2009 […]

10% Heal Completely From Autism But What About The 90%?

10% healed completely from autism. Well, what about the 90%? It’s a very good question. So in 2010 researchers reported results from following 207 kids diagnosed with autism at age two and found that about 9% showed “optimal progress” at age four. Meaning that they had autism at age two and no longer had autism […]

What Is The Association Between Asthma And Autism?

In our body, lungs are where oxygen in carbon dioxide exchange occurs.  Asthma is a chronic/reversible (there’s a lot of debate as to whether asthma is a chronic disease or reversible disease), just know that in the literature it is described as both. So asthma is a chronic/reversible, episodic obstructive airway disease caused by hyperactivity of the […]

Autism: Is Aggressive Behavior A Symptom Of Gastrointestinal Pain?

Up to 91% of those with autism also have gastrointestinal disorders as a comorbidity with autism. If you want an optimal outcome for your child, be sure to address any GI problems they have.  Now, the problem with GI disorders is that those with autism use behavior to communicate their GI symptoms, which is very different […]