Persistence of Autism – Oct’23 Research on children losing ASD diagnosis

Topics we’ll cover: The new October 2023 study The latest autism research study found that 37% of children with autism lost their diagnosis! Wow! That’s profound, right? Let’s learn the science in this study.  Losing the autism diagnosis is a controversial topic. Please note, that I am not expressing any opinions here. I’m guiding you […]


All About Spelling to Communicate

Topics we’ll cover: Spelling to Communicate – New Research What does this card in the video below symbolize? Freedom!! Looks like a simple piece of paper right? It is so much more. This is what is used by people who communicate through something called spelling to communicate but many times it’s abbreviated as S2C. A […]

Can Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) be Used to Detect Autism?

Scientists don’t have all the answers all the time. Our bodies are so complex that it’s a fallacy to think that we know how our bodies fully operate. We don’t. And when we have wrong information, we can make really bad decisions because we didn’t understand the entire situation. This is happening in the scientific […]


Can children with autism be taught to read?

Yes, even if speaking is an issue, your child can still learn to read! Let me go over the basic steps in learning to read. Pre-Reading Skills You have pre-reading skills and that’s awareness of print words. Most children with autism have this in great strength. This is when your child knows what brand of […]


Comparing Your Child to Other Kids?

Ever go to a party and see other children, then get mad that your child seems like they’re so behind? It doesn’t stop there, right? Then you start thinking about the next decade or two, projecting more difficulty into the future. And then depression sets in – anger, despair, exhaustion, frustration right? Let me share […]


All About Stimming

Topics we’ll cover: What Does Stimming Mean? What does it mean when an autistic child is stimming? Stimming is a great way to connect with your child. Sometimes it can be frustrating or even embarrassing. Stimming is behavior. Think of it as communication. Stimming is a shortened way of saying Self-Stimulatory Behavior. Many times what […]


Equazen Pro Fish Oil Jelly Chews Review – Opt or Drop?

These fish oil gummies are to be used only under medical supervision. Whoa. Why are these things so powerful? Let’s talk fish oil, but crazy strong fish oil.  Equazen and ADHD Equazen Pro is a medical food to address fatty acid deficiencies. It addresses fatty acid deficiencies, common in people with ADHD and some related […]


Nordic Omega-3 Gummies vs MrBeast Gummies Review – Opt or Drop?

Which one is healthier for you? Nordic Natural’s Fish Oil Gummies or MrBeast Gummies? You will be surprised, or will you?  Nordic Naturals Fish Oil Gummies What do they look like? I will tell you these are in a childproof container, and it’s really, really hard to open. I was struggling with it. That means […]


Perseveration in Autism

Does your child ever get caught in a loop? Do they continue something past the point where it seems acceptable? Then it might be that your child with autism is perseverating.  What is perseveration in autism?  Perseveration is the uncontrolled repetition or continuation of something in the absence of any reason for those thoughts or […]


Simple Spectrum Fish Oil Review – Opt or Drop?

It is time to get real about all things autism. Some supplements and other items are super expensive. I buy them and review them for you. This is not sponsored by anybody. Nobody has paid me for my opinion. I will present my view based on working with parents in over 17 different countries (so […]


Apollo Neuro Wearable Review

Autism can be very stressful for the child, but it’s also very stressful for the parents. In research from 2010, parents of children who have autism experience the same level of stress as a combat soldier!  Parents need to be diligent about destressing. Otherwise, their health will be impacted in the long term. You want […]


Bioray Kids NDF Tummy Review

Review time. It is time to get real about all things autism. Supplements and other items are super expensive, but are they worth it? Here, I buy them and review them for you. This is not sponsored. Nobody has paid me for my opinion. I will present my view based on working with parents in […]


Qigong Massage for Your Child with Autism – Book review

It is Book Club time! And this month’s book is Qigong Massage. This was a very popular one. This book gives a great breakdown of Qigong massage and it gives specific exercises to do. It has instructions on how to make the most of this book. Let me read a quote or two from here. […]


Autism Meltdown – The Complete Guide

Topics we’ll cover: What is an Autistic Meltdown What is an autistic meltdown? Short answer, overload of so many possible things. Let me explain. Meltdowns are not temper tantrums. Meltdowns are similar to the fight response. There is a hardwired biological response. Many times there’s an underlying health issue that can make someone more susceptible […]

Spelling to Communicate: Case Studies

Has your child done things that are brilliant? That shows high levels of intelligence but then doesn’t do it again? Deep in your heart do you believe your child is intelligent? Listen to a mom describe her journey with her autistic son. No one thought he was intelligent…sometimes not even the mom…but he was and […]