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The Lyons Report

The Lyons Report includes a list of vetted knowledgeable Functional Medicine doctors, by state, who WANT to work with children with autism—to help them get healthy by figuring out and repairing the root causes of your child’s symptoms.  Being healthy is important for every child, learn how to do that for those with autism.

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Navigating Probiotics

Have you asked your child’s doctor about probiotics only to be told to “take any one” but you know your child deserves a better answer than that?

Have you given your child probiotics and saw some changes but want more change?

Rebuilding a gut microbiota takes knowledge, patience, and persistence and since you’re a busy parent let me help manage the entire rebuilding process.

I’ve helped many parents rebuild their child’s gut. Would you like your child to have a strong and robust gut microbiota?

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Navigating Motivation

Navigating Motivation

Regardless of if your child is in school, virtual learning, or homeschooled you might be struggling with:

  • Repeating yourself over and over to your child
  • Disruptive behaviors to avoid learning
  • Always doing things for your child because it’s quicker and easier
  • Wondering if their lives will always be like this
  • Wishing you could do more fun things with your child

Often times, these types of issues only get worse over time.

It can feel like your child doesn’t want anything from you unless it’s food.

Or you’ll find yourself wondering if your child could ever learn things without having to be taught each step

You worry about their confidence.

And you keep having to say “first do this, then you can do that.”


If This Seems Like You…

I Built This Online Program Just For You

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Eat To Heal AWEtism

Are you giving food to your child and wondering “Is this food helping or hurting?”

The reality is that most children with autism are eating food that can cause more problems.

A trial and error approach to special diets will cause you to lose motivation and drain your energy.  Don’t waste precious time with a mistake like that.  Success from a special diet requires a structured and systematic approach.  You need a system!  You became a parent to laugh and smile…but have a lifetime of being a caregiver…so I teach parents to follow the S-M-I-L-E system.

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