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Probiotics To Heal AWEtism

Have you taken your child to the doctor and asked about probiotics only to be told “take any one” but you know your child deserves a better answer than that?

Have you given your child probiotics and saw some changes but want more change? Rebuilding a gut microbiota takes knowledge, patience, and persistence and since you’re a busy parent let me help manage the entire rebuilding process. Probiotics To Heal AWEtism is more than just an online course. Every 30 days you will get an email from me with the information you need that month to keep rebuilding your child’s gut microbiota.

I’ve helped many parents rebuild their child’s gut. Would you like your child to have a strong and robust gut microbiota?

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Are you frustrated by watching your grandchild struggle?

Being a grandparent was supposed to be all fun and no stress.  But if your grandchild has been diagnosed with autism then there’s probably a lot more stress than fun.

Have you thought lately, “I don’t know what the answer is, but I know there is an answer.”?

You’re right.  There is an answer.  But it’s quite complex.  You can’t just send your child one video for them to watch that will have all the answers.  You won’t find all the answers you need in one blog post either.  It’s not that simple.  Improving your grandchild’s life takes a comprehensive PLAN.  There are 8 major factors to address when someone has an autism diagnosis.

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Eat To Heal AWEtism

Are you giving food to your child and wondering “Is this food helping or hurting?”

The reality is that most children with autism are eating food that can cause more problems.

A trial and error approach to special diets will cause you to lose motivation and drain your energy.  Don’t waste precious time with a mistake like that.  Success from a special diet requires a structured and systematic approach.  You need a system!  You became a parent to laugh and smile…but have a lifetime of being a caregiver…so I teach parents to follow the S-M-I-L-E system.

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