Husband’s funny question

Everyone needs to work with Dr. Lyons.  I did not think my daughter could really change.  I hoped but I didn’t believe.  

My husband and I never agreed on what to do for our daughter.  He didn’t think she could be any different but I did. He didn’t want to pay money to work with Dr. Lyons and said it was a waste so I asked him to just let me try for a few months and he agreed.  We changed diet, Dr. Lyons found us a great doctor, helped me work closely with him, and started just a few supplements. My husband just asked me “Why didn’t we work with Dr. Lyons sooner?” If I wasn’t so happy I’d be mad at him!


I don’t question myself anymore

After working with Dr. Lyons I actually feel like I know what autism is and what to do.  I am not stressed anymore or focused on worry. Somehow Dr. Lyons makes everything easy to understand.  I am able to make decisions as to what is best for my son and I don’t question my own decisions. I never felt like I was doing the right thing before but my son is so different now and I owe that to working with Dr. Lyons.  Thank you is not the right thing to say but I don’t know how else to say my son has a future now.


We enjoy our family now

We feel so much more confident in our decision-making for current and future treatment for Madelyn. This includes diet choices, interpreting lab results, deciding what should be done next for treatment as well as therapy. There is just SO much information. It has been wonderful to have Dr. Lyons’ expert help to really feel confident in deciding what is going to be best for Madelyn.  We love that Dr. Lyons is a scientist. She has a phenomenal ability to sort through massive amounts of complicated information and really give insightful, helpful, and targeted guidance into helping our child. We have found her to be so incredibly thorough in answering ANY and ALL questions we have had. As mentioned above, we love that she has a personal connection with AWEtism. From the moment we started working together, we have felt her passion for helping us help our daughter. This is something we have needed and always wanted.  I feel like we are saving valuable time working with Dr. Lyons. Potentially cutting years off of the time it would have taken us to come to some of these decisions on diet, lab testing, therapy, supplements, ect. We find ourselves worrying less about all of the decisions about treatment and future and have been able to have more fun being present parenting, and enjoying our family.


I feel complete

Since working with Dr. Lyons, my son has changed so much that my parents actually offer to watch him now.  Before, they just couldn’t handle his hyperactivity, lack of speech, not following directions, and creating unsafe situations like taking his seatbelt off while the car is moving.  That used to really upset my dad. But we worked on diet, we kept the same functional medicine doctor but you taught me how to communicate better with him and we got new supplements.  All this means is that my son now is a child who my parents can handle and want to spend time together. I feel complete.


Confidence to believe even more is possible

Dr. Lyons is always there.  I can trust her. I can count on her.  When I’m having a tough time I know I can say anything to her and there’s no judgment.  Sometimes I just let out all my frustration, she just lets me get everything out and then we move on.  We actually move on. My son is changing so much. I thought I always believed in him but when he first started healing I was scared.  I was scared that the change wasn’t permanent. There is no one else that I can talk to about this. My life is starting to get so much better and I am so thankful that Dr. Lyons is there with us, helping us, guiding us, and cheering us on.  She is gives me the confidence to believe even more is possible.


I am confident now

My son Ignat just turned 3 and a few days after that we had our follow-up appointment with the doctor and Ignat was diagnosed with autism. I can’t say I was surprised or that I was devastated . My son also has a generic condition that is very rare, 1 in 40,000 births. I went through a lot getting that diagnosis and now he is autistic. There is something that I’ve learned through all this – my son is here in this world because of a purpose greater than I can imagine or understand at this moment.  I like working with you because you love your daughter like I love my son. I just want him to be happy and enjoy life. I am seeing him smile more and more just from doing the diet changes that we worked on. You are helping me navigate the confusing medical system. I can speak confidently to his doctor now and ask the right questions. You are helping us in so many ways! English is my second language so I’m having trouble finding the right words to express how much you mean to us and my son’s future.


Dr. Lyons is trustworthy

Dr. Lyons is a trustworthy source of information.  There are lots of people on the internet and I didn’t know what information to trust.  Dr. Lyons is able to explain to me the research, what typically is done but then also let us know what might be different for our son.  I look forward to my weekly calls with her and have recommended her to other autism parents that I know.


This was so much easier than I thought

I am Kathy and my daughter was diagnosed with ASD when she was 3.  I started the GFCF diet for her and she got better in some ways but very inconsistent. She has younger sister who is starting to annoy her and they fight all the time.  When I enrolled in the Eat to heal AWEtism course I couldn’t stop myself from staying awake, watching all your videos, and wanting to learn more. Thank you very much. You are God sent to us. I am really motivated to make this happen for Katherine. I went straight to the diet calculator in your course. Based on her many symptoms, her diet was very limited in the beginning but as she got better and with your guidance, we added more and more foods.  She can now eat things that previously caused meltdowns, inappropriate laughter, and hyperactivity. Her major issues were anxiety, constipation, sensitivity to noise, slow to process/response, lack of focus, inappropriate laughter, and hyperactivity. All of that is gone now! This was so much easier than I thought. Katherine used to love her soda and fruit juice. I thought it was going to be so hard to stop her from drinking that but with your help it was so easy.  This was so much easier than I thought. My daughters are now playing nicely with each other. I can garden in the yard while they play together on the swings! She’s doing great on her quizzes on school now too. Thanks a lot. God bless you more.


I never thought this could happen

Thank you very much for the course on probiotics. You give valuable advice not found at other resources.  My daughter is so much calmer now. I never thought this could happen with just probiotics. I want to learn more from you because I can’t imagine how much better she would get if we worked with you more.

Earl Lee

I have peace now

I was scared for my grandson.  I didn’t know what to do or say or how to help.  Thankfully we hired Dr. Lyons and she guided us through everything.  There wasn’t a single question that she couldn’t answer. My grandson is in school now.  I can see him succeeding in life now and that brings me a lot of peace.


I trust Dr. Lyons

I am a very tough person to impress and within the first 30 minutes of working with her I feel like she delivered more value than I thought we would get from the entire time working together over several months.  Dr. Lyons has more than impressed me, I trust and value her opinion.


My son is changing so much

I thank you Dr. Lyons, you really helped me a lot.  I don’t live in the US and you have explained so much is such an easy way.  My son is changing so much. This wouldn’t have happened without you.


Food is the most powerful way to heal the body and mind. Dr. Lyons makes it easy for parents of those with autism to understand the importance of food in their child’s health.

Dr. Mark Hyman

MD, Eleven-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, Chairman of the Institute of Functional Medicine