Nordic Naturals ProOmega Gummy Chews Review – Opt or Drop?


That’s the size of your typical fish oil pill. It’s really nutritious, and for some kids, fish oil is essential for their health. How are you going to get this to be taken by them?

Let’s talk fish oil

Fish oil is beneficial for many of those with autism. But these fish oil pills are huge. I don’t even like taking them, and they can leave a nasty aftertaste. That is not something a kid likes. Companies made flavored liquid form, which some kids like. But what are you going to do if your kid doesn’t swallow pills and doesn’t like the liquids? 


Now, all gummies are not created equal. It’s Opt or Drop time for Nordic Naturals, the ProOmega Gummy Chews. 


This fish oil comes from anchovies and sardines. That’s good. Always look at the back of the label. 

The sweetener is stevia, so that’s good. There’s no sugar in here whatsoever. 

Overall, the ingredients, they’re okay. There is natural flavors, and I typically don’t like that as an ingredient because, I don’t know, cat piss is a natural flavor, right? Natural flavor is too broad of a description, and it can hide lots of things. I typically don’t like it, but… 


Let’s look at the supplement facts. Total Omega-3, they are 1,200 milligrams. That’s very nice. EPA is 600 milligrams. That is great. DHA is 450 milligrams. That’s beautiful. 

Taste and texture

The serving size is two gummies. So in the box, they have a little sleeve. Let’s pop one open and see what it looks like. 

It is a kind of jiggly… You can’t see through it. It’s not like your traditional gummies. A lot of gummies, you can see through, and it’s not coated with sugar. 

Remember, you got to take two of these, and they look more like jelly. I wouldn’t call this a gummy because your kid would probably be thinking something else. I would call it a jelly or chew or something. Jellies is probably what I’d go with. 


It tastes like orange, I would say. They call it a tropical fruit taste. I taste orange for sure. It’s very chewy, which is why I would call it a chewy rather than a gummy. Gummy sticks to your teeth. These things don’t do that. They just split in half every time you chew it, and so they’re just getting smaller and smaller. You do have to chew them for sure, but it doesn’t become like that, that mush that a gummy does. So after a while, then you just swallow it. And so it is like little pieces. 

And I don’t know why, but with these, I feel the need to have a drink afterward. I just need to wash it down. I’m not really sure why. It’s not a bad taste. I can totally eat it. I don’t know if I would do two in a row. It’s a lot, at least for me. 

Opt or Drop

But I definitely will say this is way better than these big pills for sure. And you’re not really compromising much in the way of quality of supplements. Nordic Natural’s ProOmega is definitely an opt for sure. This is a quality product.