Equazen Pro Fish Oil Jelly Chews Review – Opt or Drop?


These fish oil gummies are to be used only under medical supervision. Whoa. Why are these things so powerful? Let’s talk fish oil, but crazy strong fish oil. 

Equazen and ADHD

Equazen Pro is a medical food to address fatty acid deficiencies. It addresses fatty acid deficiencies, common in people with ADHD and some related neurodiverse conditions that cannot be resolved by normal diet modification alone. Diet is always first. 

This company did clinical trials, and they did with kids and teens with ADHD. The Equazen Pro formula showed on average significant improvement in focus, attention, academic performance, and balanced mood. 

Now, there is a warning on this box, use under medical supervision.

There have been 20 clinical studies that also include six with ADHD clinical trials. This is pretty well-studied. 

Equazen Pro clinical trials

Autism and ADHD?

Now, if you’re familiar with my work, you know it is all about autism. Why am I talking about a product for ADHD? 

As you probably know, the latest research study showed that almost 40% of children diagnosed with autism lost their diagnosis in a few years. I’ve worked with parents in over 17 different countries doing just that. Sometimes, the way the process goes, the child loses the autism diagnosis but gains an ADHD diagnosis. If parents keep growing in addressing health issues and many times nutrition deficiencies, the child loses the ADHD diagnosis as well. 

So even though the clinical research done on this brand was in the ADHD population, there is very much relevance to those with autism. 


Where is this fish oil coming from? That’s always important to know. And it’s coming from wild anchovies. That’s great. Wild is really important. 

Stevia is the sweetener, so no sugar whatsoever. That is absolutely great. 

Equazen Pro ingredients

And overall, the ingredients are okay. There is natural flavors in this. And I don’t like natural flavors because it’s so broad. Anything can be a natural flavor. Cat piss is a natural flavor. I don’t think there’s cat piss in here, but I’d like to know exactly every single thing that is in here. That’s just me, though. 

Total Omega-3s is 732 milligrams. That’s good. EPA 558 milligrams. That’s good. DHA 174 mg. Now, that’s lower than other brands. If you were just comparing apples to apples, this wouldn’t stack up as well. However, it has Omega-6 as GLA in here, and this has 60 milligrams. And that’s what makes this product unique over other fish oils. And I’m sure that’s why this company spent money on doing clinical trials, because it’s a unique combination of Omega 3s and Omega-6, and they wanted to study it and then therefore market it. 

Checking it out

So let’s open the package. It comes out in little blister packs. And the serving size is three. So you’ll have to take three of these each day to get those benefits. 

Equazen Pro jelly chew

This is what they’re calling a gummy. That’s a chew. They call this a natural fruit flavor. It smells orangey, a little tropical-like. So it’s this little medallion. It’s not huge. 


They taste pretty good, I have to say. They are chewy, and so you chew on it for a while, but not in a bad way. It just doesn’t dissolve, right? 

Remember, you’d have to eat three of these a day. That’s the serving size. And it’s best to take these with food. So having three a day is a tad annoying. You probably could take all three at once. Might be a little too much at one time. Maybe something like two with breakfast, one with lunch, something along those lines. 

However, it’s a great product with strong clinical evidence of improving focus, attention, academic performance, and balanced mood in 12 weeks. That’s the key. Three jellies a day for 12 weeks. That’s what the clinical trial was. You would have to do it that long before you come to any kind of conclusion. 

Opt or Drop

All right, is Equazen Pro an opt or a drop? It is definitely an opt. It’s overall great tasting. There’s great research on it. You just have to do those three jellies a day for 12 weeks, so it does take some commitment, but it is definitely an opt.