Nordic Omega-3 Gummies vs MrBeast Gummies Review – Opt or Drop?


Which one is healthier for you? Nordic Natural’s Fish Oil Gummies or MrBeast Gummies? You will be surprised, or will you? 

Nordic Naturals Fish Oil Gummies

What do they look like?

I will tell you these are in a childproof container, and it’s really, really hard to open. I was struggling with it. That means they’re dangerous somehow, right? *wink*

So you open it up. There’s a lot in there. This is what the gummy fish looks like. 


Oh, my goodness. It’s pretty big. And the serving size is one gummy. 


Let’s look at the label and see what they got. Total Omega-3s is 124. That’s not that good. The total EPA and DHA combined is 103. That is not good at all. No, no, no, no, no, no. We want to spend money on things that are nutritious. So far, not the case. 


All right, let’s keep looking, right? Because maybe there’s some redemption somewhere. Let’s look at the ingredients.

The first ingredient is cane sugar. Oh, my goodness. And it’s 6 grams of sugar in one gummy. Sugar causes inflammation in the body. Fish oil is anti-inflammatory. Somehow, the math here is not adding up. It seems like there’s more sugar than fish oil in this gummy, which is supposed to be a supplement, which is supposed to be good. This is a well-known brand. Nordic Naturals has some great products. 6 grams? Uh-oh. 


It’s pretty big. It’s definitely chewy, definitely gummy. Tastes great. Tons of sugar. Tastes great, but it tastes just like sugar.

MrBeast gummies


And now, just for kicks and giggles, let’s break down the ingredients in a MrBeast gummy, aka Karl Gummies. The sour apple green. 

Let’s look at the sugar first. Total sugar, 5 grams of sugar. You get five pieces of these gummies and five grams of sugar. It’s only three grams of added sugar. So two grams is coming from natural stuff. 


I do like how in the list of ingredients they have in parentheses afterward and they tell you the purpose of each ingredient. Like lactic acid, in parentheses, it says, brings even more sour. 

You know what’s really cool about this product? I’ve got to say, the coloring, I’m assuming these are green, the coloring is from Spirulina. There is not even color dyes in this. This is very impressive. 

Let’s open it up. It opens easily and smells like sour apple. 


What does it look like? Oh nice, a little round pendant. It’s got the sugar on the coating, too. Remember, serving size here is five. You can have five of these, five grams of sugar, which is less sugar than ONE gummy fishy. 



My goodness, these are very chewy. They are much tougher than the gummy fish with the fish oil. Definitely sour. Taste is not bad at all. I mean, it’s sugar. It’s a gummy treat. It has no nutritional value whatsoever. But surprisingly, this has less sugar than the supposed supplement, which is supposed to be healthy. When you take into account that sugar is inflammatory, it makes you wonder. 

Battle of the Gummies

So which one is better? I cannot recommend the Nordic fish gummies. Yes, it has fish oil in it, but it has way too much sugar. Sugar is inflammatory, so you’re probably getting more inflammation with the fish gummies than anti-inflammation with the fish oil. This is definitely a drop.

These MrBeast gummies, I don’t know. They’re sort of an opt. They’re not so terrible for candy, but they’re definitely not necessary. This is actually better than the sugar-loaded fish gummies. Surprising, right?