Simple Spectrum Fish Oil Review – Opt or Drop?


It is time to get real about all things autism. Some supplements and other items are super expensive. I buy them and review them for you. This is not sponsored by anybody. Nobody has paid me for my opinion. I will present my view based on working with parents in over 17 different countries (so far) and the science of autism. Let’s go. 

What is on the chopping block today? Simple Spectrum Fish Oil


Simple Spectrum is a company that was created by Jackie Laurita, who was on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the TV show. Her son has autism, and they were very public about that on the show. She’s no longer on the show. There are two other founders, and one is a chiropractor who, from what I can see, specializes in CrossFit and high levels of fitness competition.

Why is fish oil so popular? 

There’s a protocol called the Nemechek Protocol that became very popular, and it involves fish oil. However, if you think back like 20-15 years ago, fish oil was a common supplement. Fish oil is definitely not a new supplement, but it’s a little on the trendy side. 

I have a video on the Nemechek protocol, and I also have a video on the best time to give fish oil to your child based on research.

What’s in Simple Spectrum Fish Oil? 


The ingredients say that it comes from the fish of anchovy, tuna, sardine, and mackerel. Now, tuna is a bit suspicious. The larger the fish, the longer it’s in the ocean, and the more time it can accumulate toxicity, such as heavy metal. That’s the main reason not to consume tuna often. It’s surprising that they’re using tuna in here to get this fish oil. I don’t see anything on their website saying that they test the fish oil for contaminants or heavy metal levels. Maybe they do, but I don’t see anything obvious on their website stating that. 

Let’s look at total Omega-3s. It’s 1,200 milligrams. Other brands, much higher. 

EPA is 350 milligrams in here. Again, other brands, much higher. 

DHA is 640 milligrams. Again, other brands, much higher. DPA is 60 milligrams. 

Opt or Drop?

I’m going to stop here because at this point, I wouldn’t even buy this. There are much more potent brands out there. The use of tuna in here, it’s a bit concerning. This is flavored, Orange Dream. I’m not even going to open it and taste it. Unfortunately, Simple Spectrum Fish Oil is officially a drop.