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The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks: Letterboard Thoughts

“Never again would people think I was stupid or that I had the mind of a toddler.” Oh, man. Aren’t those words just beautiful? Don’t you believe that about your child? When everybody is saying “Oh, they can’t learn.” THEY CAN. Here, Let’s get some proof. The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks: Letterboard Thoughts -Gregory Tino- […]


Is Camel Milk Good for Autistic Kids?

Ever wonder why camel milk has become popular? Why do some parents insist that camel milk helped their child with autism? Camel milk in the US is exotic. However, parents have been spending quite a bit of money to buy it. In other parts of the world, camel milk is common and those parents are […]


Precision Medicine

Sounds like something for the future, but it’s here now! If you’ve ever wondered how your child might react to a particular medicine before they actually take it, then this post is for you. OneOme and Autism Pharmacogenomics – This is a relatively new field in medicine. It combines pharmacology, which is the science of […]


Secrets of the Autistic Millionaire – Book Club

This month’s Book club is very interesting, it is called Secrets of the Autistic Millionaire This book is written by a person in their 50s. They were diagnosed with autism much later in life and when he was going through the different testing, he has a really good experience.And so he says “…the good news, […]


MRIs for Autistic Kids Without Sedation – New Research

There is a great research article on how to teach a child to lay still for an MRI. Such great research. So many parents don't do MRIs because of not wanting to sedate their children. Totally understandable. Now there's another option backed by published research. This is an important option to know about.


CBD, THC & Autism

Many parents are using CBD oil to help their children with autism, to sleep, to address seizures, and also inflammation. Some parents are giving CBD and THC together, but that’s where there tends to be some concerns. In the scientific literature, it has been noted that THC consumption especially at a young age can lead […]


Oxytocin Exposure Leads to Increased Risk of Autism – New Research

Did you have oxytocin during your birth? Oxytocin exposure during labor has been associated with an increased risk of autism and cognitive impairment. There’s not a direct causation link, but there is an association. Scientists are trying to determine if receiving external oxytocin may act as an early indicator of abnormal development in infants and […]


Link Between Autism and Immune System

The immune system and autism. Is there a connection? Scientists have found an association of several molecules in serum and cerebral spinal fluid with autism that are associated with immune-related signaling pathways. Why is cerebrospinal fluid important? Well, cerebrospinal fluid is a liquid found in the brain and the spine, which is the central nervous […]


Can children with autism be taught to read?

Yes, even if speaking is an issue, your child can still learn to read! Let me go over the basic steps in learning to read. Pre-Reading Skills You have pre-reading skills and that’s awareness of print words. Most children with autism have this in great strength. This is when your child knows what brand of […]