Autism: Important Hearing Tests

If you suspect your child with autism has a hearing problem, even though they might be able to pass a hearing test, you more than likely are right. Loss or lesser functioning of the inner ear can cause a reduced ability to discriminate between two sounds or also impaired auditory tuning.

Autism: Is Long Term Melatonin Use Safe?

Melatonin most often is used at the beginning of healing but sometimes used towards the end.​ ​In the beginning, it’s usually used alone and solely for sleep but towards the end of healing, it is used in combination with other supplements.​

Autism & Genetics: What you need to know

It is estimated that the prevalence of autism worldwide is 1% of the general population and increasing steadily.  Males are three time more likely to affected by autism than females.  Twin and family studies show that ...

What You Need To Know About Autism and Inulin

When healing autism many doctors focus on certain things but the great thing about Bifidobacteria is that they contribute all that to us natually.  A great docotr who wants your child's body to heal and thrive will help heal the gut rather than give individual supplements.  Let the bacteria do the supplementing for you and inulin plays an important role.