Autism & Pain Free at 16

Autism healing

Let’s celebrate some success.

I just got off the call with a client and picture it: a 16-year-old girl with autism just had her first pain free day. Can you believe it?

Earlier she used to have stomach aches, headaches. She didn’t feel good, but she didn’t even know why. She didn’t know what was causing it. She didn’t know how to fix it. Her body just didn’t feel like it was hers to control.

And even during this pandemic, her mom and herself got serious about diet. And for the first time ever, she felt good. She felt in control. She’s just oh, it was almost so overwhelming that there were tears. Because this is such a relief of tension – that she had a day where she felt good and it’s amazing! 

And now this mom and daughter, they’re so determined and there’s such a great team. I just imagine if this was you, it’s possible.

Don’t worry about how it would happen. 

Just envision what it would look like for you.