I am confident now

My son Ignat just turned 3 and a few days after that we had our follow-up appointment with the doctor and Ignat was diagnosed with autism. I can’t say I was surprised or that I was devastated . My son also has a generic condition that is very rare, 1 in 40,000 births. I went through a lot getting that diagnosis and now he is autistic. There is something that I’ve learned through all this – my son is here in this world because of a purpose greater than I can imagine or understand at this moment.  I like working with you because you love your daughter like I love my son. I just want him to be happy and enjoy life. I am seeing him smile more and more just from doing the diet changes that we worked on. You are helping me navigate the confusing medical system. I can speak confidently to his doctor now and ask the right questions. You are helping us in so many ways! English is my second language so I’m having trouble finding the right words to express how much you mean to us and my son’s future.