This was so much easier than I thought

I am Kathy and my daughter was diagnosed with ASD when she was 3.  I started the GFCF diet for her and she got better in some ways but very inconsistent. She has younger sister who is starting to annoy her and they fight all the time.  When I enrolled in the Eat to heal AWEtism course I couldn’t stop myself from staying awake, watching all your videos, and wanting to learn more. Thank you very much. You are God sent to us. I am really motivated to make this happen for Katherine. I went straight to the diet calculator in your course. Based on her many symptoms, her diet was very limited in the beginning but as she got better and with your guidance, we added more and more foods.  She can now eat things that previously caused meltdowns, inappropriate laughter, and hyperactivity. Her major issues were anxiety, constipation, sensitivity to noise, slow to process/response, lack of focus, inappropriate laughter, and hyperactivity. All of that is gone now! This was so much easier than I thought. Katherine used to love her soda and fruit juice. I thought it was going to be so hard to stop her from drinking that but with your help it was so easy.  This was so much easier than I thought. My daughters are now playing nicely with each other. I can garden in the yard while they play together on the swings! She’s doing great on her quizzes on school now too. Thanks a lot. God bless you more.