We enjoy our family now

We feel so much more confident in our decision-making for current and future treatment for Madelyn. This includes diet choices, interpreting lab results, deciding what should be done next for treatment as well as therapy. There is just SO much information. It has been wonderful to have Dr. Lyons’ expert help to really feel confident in deciding what is going to be best for Madelyn.  We love that Dr. Lyons is a scientist. She has a phenomenal ability to sort through massive amounts of complicated information and really give insightful, helpful, and targeted guidance into helping our child. We have found her to be so incredibly thorough in answering ANY and ALL questions we have had. As mentioned above, we love that she has a personal connection with AWEtism. From the moment we started working together, we have felt her passion for helping us help our daughter. This is something we have needed and always wanted.  I feel like we are saving valuable time working with Dr. Lyons. Potentially cutting years off of the time it would have taken us to come to some of these decisions on diet, lab testing, therapy, supplements, ect. We find ourselves worrying less about all of the decisions about treatment and future and have been able to have more fun being present parenting, and enjoying our family.