Scared to Dream Big for Your Autistic Child?

Do you want your child to get better, but it scares you to even want that? It’s likely that not much with your child has gone as planned, right? Kind of not going well. So what’s the point in trying to dream? Because things don’t work out well anyway? I don’t get what I expect. […]

Secrets To Communicating With Your Child With Autism

Secrets To Communication With Your Child With Autism – BookClub

Think about it when it’s hard to verbalize, what else is your choice to communicate? Behaviors! So let’s get into this book… This month’s book club is: Secrets To Communicating With Your Child With Autism -Maria E.R Schafer, and James Schafer Great title. My favorite part of the book is how the subtitle is “Your […]


Differences between Autism & Down Syndrome

What’s the difference between Autism and Down syndrome. Can it be both? There is certainly a difference and it’s important to know. Let me explain. Autism Autism occurs in one out of 59 children in the US. Core deficits in autism are identified in two domains. The first is social communication interaction. What does that […]


What to do when your child stops taking their supplements?

That’s frustrating, right? You did all kinds of work to figure out the supplements and then you bought them and your child stops taking them. All right. Let’s sort that out, because believe it or not, I love when this happens. Why do I love it when kids stop taking their supplements? Because they’re communicating […]


Siblings of Children With Autism – A Guide for Families

What do you say to your other children about your child who has autism? Sometimes it’s a tough discussion, right? Is there a right answer? Is there a wrong answer? Even if you have an only child, this book will be relevant to you. So whenever I’m talking about siblings, just replace that word either […]

the autistic brain - thinking across the spectrum

The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum by Temple Grandin

There’s a lot of things about autism that Temple Grandin herself admits to being wrong about. Let’s find out about that in this book club post: The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum -Temple Grandin, -Richard Panek Temple Grandin is probably the most well-known person with autism. She has been a fantastic self-advocate. She’s written […]

Autism gets worse with age

Does Autism Get Worse With Age?

I get asked a lot. “Does autism get worse with age?” Sounds like a simple question, but it’s a complex answer. First, the life expectancy of those diagnosed with autism in the US is 36 years old. The typical life expectancy in the US is 72. So this decrease in life is very concerning. But […]

The reason I Jump: Book by an amazing 13 yr old autistic

If you are a parent who wants to know what your child with autism might be thinking or if you’re someone with autism and you want your parents to know that you’re smart and you’re doing your best and kind of all those thoughts in your head that you haven’t been able to express, then […]