Shifting a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset

I’ve got a really fun game to talk about. This game is for ages eight and up, but I actually typically recommend it to parents that they play themselves when they’re starting to struggle with what they think is possible for their child. This game is actually a fun way to explore how someone thinks […]

Microglia, Microbiota, & Autism

Does your child have gut dysbiosis? Has improving their gut improved other symptoms as well? Is there some science to back that? Welcome to my video series on microglia. In this post, we will explore the microbiota and microglia. There is now compelling scientific data suggesting that the intestinal microbiota can play a causative role […]

Microglia, Learning, Memory & Autism

Does your child have learning issues? Do they seem to forget things that they knew well one day? Are you concerned about their brain health? Understanding the microglia which are brain cells will help you answer those questions. Welcome to my series on microglia. I’ll teach you what microglia are, what they do, and how […]

Microglia and ASD

Microglia and Autism

Does your child have brain inflammation? Has a doctor spoken to you about microglia? Do you want to know about these brain cells? Originally, microglia were thought to be immune responder cells within the central nervous system. But scientists have now discovered their complex role in neurodegenerative disorders, including autism. Microglia were first described in […]


Executive Functioning Activities – Book Club

Thank you for joining this month’s book club. And thank you to everyone on my email list who voted for what book they wanted me to go over. This month our book club is Executive Functioning Activities. What exactly is executive functioning? Think about your day, right? There’s a lot of stuff going on and […]


Best Time of Day to Take Fish Oil?

For decades, many people who take Omega-3 have opted to take the supplements first thing in the morning. Do you do that? Is that the best time to take them? What do you eat for breakfast? Eggs, bacon, sausage, something substantial like that, or maybe cereal or muffins, some crackers, maybe even skip breakfast altogether. […]


Pau D’Arco and Autism

Does your child with autism laugh for no reason at all? Do they have these large mood swings? Happy 1-minute anger, rage, sadness the next minute. Do they crave sugar all the time? Then you might have heard about the herb Pau D’Arco as a possible solution. And there are a few different ways of […]

Can Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) be Used to Detect Autism?

Scientists don’t have all the answers all the time. Our bodies are so complex that it’s a fallacy to think that we know how our bodies fully operate. We don’t. And when we have wrong information, we can make really bad decisions because we didn’t understand the entire situation. This is happening in the scientific […]

Olive Leaf Extracts for Autism – What does the science say?

Olive leaf extracts – were you told that your child should take them? Or maybe you read about it in a Facebook group? Does it seem kind of mysterious? Maybe you’ve heard some good things, but then maybe you also heard some bad things. You might be curious, but just not sure about trying it. […]