Autism Meltdown – The Complete Guide

Topics we’ll cover: What is an Autistic Meltdown What is an autistic meltdown? Short answer, overload of so many possible things. Let me explain. Meltdowns are not temper tantrums. Meltdowns are similar to the fight response. There is a hardwired biological response. Many times there’s an underlying health issue that can make someone more susceptible […]

Spelling to Communicate: Case Studies

Has your child done things that are brilliant? That shows high levels of intelligence but then doesn’t do it again? Deep in your heart do you believe your child is intelligent? Listen to a mom describe her journey with her autistic son. No one thought he was intelligent…sometimes not even the mom…but he was and […]


Persistence of Autism – Oct’23 Research on children losing ASD diagnosis

Topics we’ll cover: The new October 2023 study The latest autism research study found that 37% of children with autism lost their diagnosis! Wow! That’s profound, right? Let’s learn the science in this study.  Losing the autism diagnosis is a controversial topic. Please note, that I am not expressing any opinions here. I’m guiding you […]


Simple Spectrum – Opt or Drop?

It is time to get real about all things autism. Some supplements and other items relating to autism are super expensive. I will buy them and review them for you. This is not sponsored by anyone. Nobody has paid me for my opinions and nobody sent me any free product. I will present my view […]


Grapefruit seed extract and autism

Does your child with autism laugh for no reason, many times by themselves? Do they have these large mood swings? Happy one minute, anger and rage the next minute? Do they not handle transitions well? Then you might have heard about grapefruit seed extract as a possible solution. Grapefruit seed extract is an herbal remedy. […]


10 Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew

We’re going to do a super high-level summary of the book Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew.  Importance of Words This book is written by a woman who has a child with autism and she has a very interesting introductory chapter. She has a quote here: “Throughout the book, you’ll be asked […]


Occupational Therapy Not Working?

Occupational therapy for autism? Is it not working for your child?  Occupational therapy is many times prescribed for those with autism. It’s commonly abbreviated OT.  Many times in school, a child might go to OT, typically a maximum of three times a week although it really all depends on their needs. You can also get […]


Does NeuroProtek help in Autism? Published Research Reveals

Buying a lot of supplements? Are they worth the time and effort? Do they do anything? Yes! And they need to be the right ones at the right time.  Can supplements for the brain actually work? Is there any scientific evidence? Let’s explore a supplement that supposedly targets brain inflammation. Brain inflammation is a legitimate […]


All About Spelling to Communicate

Topics we’ll cover: Spelling to Communicate – New Research What does this card in the video below symbolize? Freedom!! Looks like a simple piece of paper right? It is so much more. This is what is used by people who communicate through something called spelling to communicate but many times it’s abbreviated as S2C. A […]


Oregano – Herbal Remedy for Autism?

Does your child with autism laugh for no reason at all? Do they have these large mood swings? Happy one minute, anger or rage the next? Do they not handle transitions very well? Then you might have heard about Oregano as a possible solution. Oregano is an herbal remedy. Does it work? What does it […]