Olive Leaf Extracts for Autism – What does the science say?

Olive leaf extracts – were you told that your child should take them?

Or maybe you read about it in a Facebook group?

Does it seem kind of mysterious?

Maybe you’ve heard some good things, but then maybe you also heard some bad things. You might be curious, but just not sure about trying it.

Olive leaf extract can impact a lot of health, so let’s get learning. Olive leaf Extract is from the leaf of the Ola Europa tree. It contains a molecule, Ola European, which helps the tree remain healthy by inhibiting fungal growth. There are also many other beneficial molecules within the actual olive leaf extract. Oleuropein is also an antibacterial and has activity against parasites. So that is one specific molecule that’s in the olive leaf extract. But remember, there are many other beneficial molecules contained within the olive leaf and therefore the olive leaf extract.

Olive Leaf Extract Uses

What are its uses? Historically, olive leaves were used by civilizations for the care of many illnesses. All throughout history, we’re talking about millennia. Olive leaf extract has been used to address different illnesses. Olive leaf extract has been shown to inhibit the growth of a variety of bacteria.

Now, if you have run a stool test for your child with autism, you might want to go grab that now and take a look and see if any of the bacteria that are shown to have too high of a population, if they’re listed here.

It can also inhibit the sporulation of other bacteria.

It’s effective against certain strains and

It inhibits other bacteria, as you can see here.

And it also inhibits the fungus Candida albicans, as well as other forms of Candida. Many people hear about Candida albicans. There are a variety of different Candidas, and olive extract also has great antioxidant potential.

More than just Candida

Most people learn that olive leaf extract is potent against Candida. However, it’s so much more than that. As you just saw on the previous slide, candida is only one aspect that Olive Leaf extract is active against.

Think of trees needing to be healthy, out in nature. Would nature make molecules that would only target one thing? No, not at all. Nature is extremely smart. Nature has evolved to be multi-purposeful and the olive leaf extract is going to have more potency than just against Candida.

Why is olive leaf extract used?

Mainly it’s to target dysbiosis (gut dysbiosis). Although many people only associate olive leaf extract with targeting Candida. And I know now after you watch this video, you are not going to associate olive leaf extract with only being active against Candida. There’s so much more than that. Olive leaf extract is general and broad and not specific only to yeast infections.

Olive leaf extract and Autism

Okay, what is the published research on olive leaf extract and autism? There are no specific research articles on olive leaf extract and its impact on autism symptoms. The different publications there are about olive leaf extract are in other therapeutic areas.

There is definitely a lot of scientific research on olive leaf extract, but not in autism.

Symptoms Targeted

In the beginning, it is best to work with a knowledgeable doctor and run labs to quantify dysbiosis.

You will save yourself time and money by using science to answer the question, does my child with autism have got dysbiosis?
So before even thinking about olive leaf extract, does that make sense? Is that logical? You really want to run some tests so that you can quantify. All right, is there really dysbiosis, and where is the dysbiosis, and what could be contributing to that?

There are so many questions to answer before you ask the question, does olive leaf extract make sense for my child? Use science to answer that question.


Many functional medicine doctors use olive leaf extract to treat certain aspects of dysbiosis, including but not limited to Candida.

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