How to stop doubting your decisions

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Just because we’re still in certain aspects of quarantine does not mean we have to put our lives on hold. There is still 5 months left to 2020. You can turn 2020 into a wonderful year, if it isn’t already.

What do you want to create?

What do you want to learn?

What are you willing to let go to get there?

Letting go of old beliefs is key to creating something new. It’s hard to create something new when you’re holding on to something old. When you let go of the old, there is an empty space.

For many people that empty space feels uncomfortable. We are so used to filling our lives up with activity and thoughts that empty space feels wrong somehow.

This is often when we start to doubt ourselves. Doubt our decisions. Become impatient because the “something new” hasn’t happened yet.

The letting go part can be scary…although I try to think of it as exciting. “Try” is the key word. The more comfortable you are with the space you create the faster the “something new” can develop and the less you will doubt yourself.

You might have new ideas about your child’s diet. This pandemic might give you unique opportunities to have full control over diet. Go for it.

You might educate differently. You might focus on more daily living skills or just not do certain work assigned by the teacher. Trust your intuition.

Maybe start a probiotic?

Maybe cancel therapy or doctor’s appointments because you feel terrible afterwards?

In high stress times like this, don’t let someone ever tell you what your child’s potential is. Surround yourself with supportive people.

No one who is ever living their full life’s purpose would ever tell someone else that their dream for their child is too risky or can never happen or that they must do it a certain way.

Life is a journey and there are many ways to your destination.

Trust yourself.

Only you know what’s right.