Does Autism Get Worse With Age?

Autism gets worse with age

I get asked a lot. “Does autism get worse with age?”

Sounds like a simple question, but it’s a complex answer.

First, the life expectancy of those diagnosed with autism in the US is 36 years old.

The typical life expectancy in the US is 72. So this decrease in life is very concerning.

But on the flip side, the research shows that 9% of those diagnosed with autism in the US heal completely and no longer have autism.

Autism does not have to get worse with age.

And many times I’m asked about this question, it’s usually because the parents are worried about some type of behavior like anxiety or potty training or not sleeping, picky eating.

I always encourage parents to get to the root cause of any health issues.

If you’re being told, “Oh, that’s just autism.” Find a new doctor who is willing to figure out what the cause of the health issue is. Your child deserves to be happy and healthy. It’s possible.

So, No! Autism does not have to get worse with age – If you’re willing to address health and education issues, you don’t have to be a caretaker your entire life.

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