What Is The Association Between Asthma And Autism?

In our body, lungs are where oxygen in carbon dioxide exchange occurs.  Asthma is a chronic/reversible (there’s a lot of debate as to whether asthma is a chronic disease or reversible disease), just know that in the literature it is described as both. So asthma is a chronic/reversible, episodic obstructive airway disease caused by hyperactivity of the […]

Autism: Is Aggressive Behavior A Symptom Of Gastrointestinal Pain?

Up to 91% of those with autism also have gastrointestinal disorders as a comorbidity with autism. If you want an optimal outcome for your child, be sure to address any GI problems they have.  Now, the problem with GI disorders is that those with autism use behavior to communicate their GI symptoms, which is very different […]


Does Creatine help in Autism

Does your child have low muscle tone or language delay or do they walk on their toes? Does it seem like their body just doesn’t have enough energy? Creatine might be an important amino acid for you to know about! There have been cases in the literature where the child’s autism symptoms are actually caused […]


Goldenseal and Autism

Are you thinking about giving your child with Autism Goldenseal? For years, Goldenseal has been used in those with autism as an antimicrobial and antibacterial, and anti-yeast herbal remedy. Have you come across this herb in doing your research? What is it really used for? In this post and video, I will show you the […]

Microglia, Microbiota, & Autism

Does your child have gut dysbiosis? Has improving their gut improved other symptoms as well? Is there some science to back that? Welcome to my video series on microglia. In this post, we will explore the microbiota and microglia. There is now compelling scientific data suggesting that the intestinal microbiota can play a causative role […]

Microglia, Learning, Memory & Autism

Does your child have learning issues? Do they seem to forget things that they knew well one day? Are you concerned about their brain health? Understanding the microglia which are brain cells will help you answer those questions. Welcome to my series on microglia. I’ll teach you what microglia are, what they do, and how […]

Microglia and ASD

Microglia and Autism

Does your child have brain inflammation? Has a doctor spoken to you about microglia? Do you want to know about these brain cells? Originally, microglia were thought to be immune responder cells within the central nervous system. But scientists have now discovered their complex role in neurodegenerative disorders, including autism. Microglia were first described in […]

Can Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) be Used to Detect Autism?

Scientists don’t have all the answers all the time. Our bodies are so complex that it’s a fallacy to think that we know how our bodies fully operate. We don’t. And when we have wrong information, we can make really bad decisions because we didn’t understand the entire situation. This is happening in the scientific […]