Autism: How To Encourage While Being Accepting

We love our children.

We want the best for them.

We want them to be happy in life and to live to their fullest potential.

But as parents, sometimes it can be hard to encourage without pointing out their struggles, the things to overcome. So what do you do? I have a solution. Let me explain.

I’m so grateful that a wonderful friend of mine introduced me to the works of Louise Hay. Louise Hay was a motivational speaker, and she founded the publishing company, Hay House.

Authors such as Wayne Dyer, Brendon Burchard, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Regena Thomashauer, aka Mama Gena, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Chris Carr, Marianne Williamson, and Dr. Mercola, just to name a few, have all published under Hay House. So I bought Louise Hay’s book called Heal Your Body. This book has affirmations to say, depending on what issues you’re having in your body.

My daughter was nonverbal. She had so many issues verbalizing. It was so hard for her, but yet, she was so determined, and I wanted to do all I could to encourage her.

Sometimes these unfortunate things would just pop out of my mouth like,

’I wish you could tell me how your day was.’’

She would just look at me like, ‘’Dah mom, me too.’’ I tried not to say that one anymore, and then another one popped out,

’You’ll talk eventually,’’

thinking, that’s encouraging. But she would just look at me annoyed. I didn’t know what to say that would be just loving.

Here’s where the great book Heal Your Body comes in.

In this book, the affirmation Louise Hay recommends for any throat issues is, I open my heart and sing the joys of love. When I said that out loud for the first time, it seemed like there was just love all around me. It was encouraging without being forceful or remindful of my daughter’s problems.

I said it over and over to myself, I memorized it. Then, when I said it to my daughter for the first time, she smiled. I could tell that she felt loved and accepted.

Then I added motion to it. When I would say, I open my heart, I would place my hand on her heart. Then when I would say the rest, I would just say, and sing the joys of love. She really enjoyed this. She would ask me to do it again and again.

So if you want to encourage your child to overcome any issues with their body, but struggle with what exactly to say, so that they feel loved and accepted, go get the book Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay, and pick the affirmation related to their problem in their body.

Memorize it, and you’ll always know what to say to your child to encourage them so that they feel loved and accepted by you.