After Nothing Else Worked, 6-Year Old Finally Does It Himself!

Here’s another peek into the lives of parents who are experiencing extraordinary family fun!

A 6-year old boy with Autism did something he NEVER felt comfortable doing… for the first time ever.  

He POOPED… on the toilet… twice!

His parents had tried everything, potty training for years and nothing had worked.

But now, even during the pandemic, he finally felt well enough to start going on the toilet for the first time ever.

He is soooo proud of himself! 

And his parents are so proud too, they knew he could do it, he just needed to feel better.

Imagine if this was your life?  

What is something about autism that you’ve thought you will have to deal with for the rest of your life?  

Many of my clients have one or more things that they think will never change.  It’s an absolute joy when we work together and those things change.  I love it.  I love seeing families grow closer, laugh more, dream bigger, and start easing through life.