Want to hear me explain my Autism Healing Matrix in detail? I was honored to be a guest on Dr. Mark Hyman’s podcast, The Broken Brain with host Dhru Purohit and we discussed each aspect of my Autism Healing Matrix.

Dhru and I talk about the science of treating autism spectrum disorder and why the life expectancy of someone on the spectrum is so low. We discuss my Autism Healing Matrix and the necessary steps to take to begin to treat autism. We also talk about how to support parents who have kids on the spectrum, the importance of celebrating success, and how to bring more joy into the parent/child relationship.

Specifically we discuss:

  • The science of the autism spectrum (5:32)
  • Why the life expectancy of someone on the autism spectrum is so low (8:12)
  • Why autism is on the rise (10:25)
  • Dr. Lyons’ personal story of her daughter being diagnosed with severe autism (14:48)
  • The first steps of treating autism (20:27)
  • The Autism Healing Matrix (27:51)
  • How diet plays a role when it comes to autism (35:42)
  • The importance of building a healthcare team (42:47)
  • Supplements for autism (48:26)
  • Melatonin for sleep disorders in autism (54:24)
  • Gut dysbiosis and autism (58:10)
  • Educational approaches for the developmental catch-up phase (1:04:11)
  • The importance of celebrating successes (1:10:25)
  • How to support parents who have kids on the autism spectrum (1:21:16)

We hope you learn a lot – and as always, if you have further questions or
need us to help clear something up, don’t hesitate to get in touch